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Olympic Road Race - Friday evening

What are your plans for the evening before the mens Road Race? Camping out on Box Hill? I'm running an event (hog roast, BBQ (plus veg options)) on box hill with a guest speaker (to be confirmed next week - but 90% confirmed ex-world champion), followed by music and a bar into the night.

The next day we have the cycling on the big screen (and breakfast!) until you need to head down and get into your positions to watch the 9 loops (the venue is 1 minute walk from the loop - on the inside).

PM me if you're interested in tickets and I'll let you know as soon as the guest speaker is confirmed and the price finalised. Tickets are strictly limited as a condition of the license/health and safety, etc, but I'd prefer them to go to real cycling/tri fans than those who only care once every four years.

Can arrange for LEGAL and AUTHORISED camping space as part of the tickets - again, please let me know.

Obviously no tickets required for the breakfast and events that will be going on through the day at the venue (and also on the day of the womens road race), but think 'carnival atmosphere...'

Cheers all


  • Hi I'm interested in this.

    Are you involved in tickets for box hill for the actual event as well?

    Cheers Simon
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