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Can compression socks make legs worse?

Sorry if this is a silly thing to ask, but just wondering. I have been doing sprint tri's all summer injury free for a change!
Every now & then have niggly calves, nothing much. But having had shin splints, that lasted for ever, 2yrs ago I thought I'd invest in some compressport calf compressions sock things (after a friend raved about them). Did a Parkrun on Sat & they arrived in the post later that day. Wore them for a few hours. Very comfy. Never wore them yesterday as did short cycle.
I have just came back from quite a painful run. My calves were aching like mad & very uncomfortable. I had to stop & remove the darn things. Pain eased slightly but not much. Can they be too tight? I got size 2 I think they are 34-38 around the widest part of calf & mine are 38, so within recommendation. At £27 quite a lot of money to spend on things that quite possibly causing pain.. thoughts? :roll:


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Sizing v important and could be you are right on the cusp of two sizes.

    I have used 2XU and CEP calf guards on Sprint, Standard and the Vit, also used Nike compression socks for training, 10k running races and the Outlaw. They have all been great and would never train/compete without them.
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