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Bike Computer - on rear wheel ?????

I'm sure one of you highly intelligent Tri bods will know the answer to this.....can you fit a bike computer to the rear wheel, so it can shows/collects data when using the turbo....or do I need a special type....thanks


  • Yes you can. Most of the basic computers will fit (I've used a Cateye Strada on mine) and the Garmin sensors also run off the rear wheel.
  • Thanks Biggles, I'll look into doing that.
  • Yes you can, and if your after one if you go to the for sale section I just put one up (cateye strada rd 200) just 10 minuets ago and then spotted your post.As i say in advert I bought this model specificly to use on the turbo, but its fine for road use to.
  • Hi there,
    I bought the Cateye Strada Cadence which i was able to fit onto the rear wheel. this was perfect for me as i use the Turbo Trainer more than out on the road so required cadence and obviously front wheel sensors on a turbo would be....erm...interesting.

    One piece of advice though. Look through forums extensivly to see if there are any problems with the computer you decide to buy and the fitting on the bike. I came up against this problem after searching for the most appropriate computer for use on the turbo trainer then realising that it is difficult to mount on the back due to the way the frames are designed on Specialized bikes.

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