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running pain,any ideas??

hi guys,just wondered if anyone could help,ive been a regular runner for the last 8 years,ok ive drop the frequency i run a week and i normally just cover a mile and a half run. But recently it seems i can't go running without towards the end of the run i get a tight burning sensation in both legs in the curverture between foot and shin,it can be quite hard to walk for a few mins afterwards,has anybody got any remedies??


  • mini__Cmini__C Posts: 44
    When you have leg pains espeically going towards the shins...it means that your running style/form has some problems...You may have changed your running style due to body changes, without you knowing. The best way to improve your running form is to get a friend(knows how to run efficiently) to watch your form, and give you feedback...or alternatively you can video record yourself and judge it from there!!

    Running form is both important to prevent injuries, it also makes running alot more efficient. I had problems just like you in Jan&Feb...and relised that I changed my running form without me noticing..and I corrected it, Now I'm fine!

    Hope that helps
  • stusystusy Posts: 6
    I agree with mini_c - it could be down to running style (esp if you have put on or lost weight recently), but it could also be your trainers. I had sharp pains in the arches of my feet when I took up running after some time out and that sometimes continued for a day or so afterwards. Old trainers are bad, as they don't support you properly. Go to a quality sports shop (like Intersport or an independent local shop) and get them to to a free Gait test etc to find the right sort of trainer for your style. They did that with me, got it wrong first time (probably because I wasn't walking as I normally do when they did the test) and took my old new pair back after 8 weeks and replaced them with a trainer with a support in the arch. I thought that was great customer service. Don't know if that helps.
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