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Hi. After some advice ive been doing tris for the last 3yrs and loving it i have done the outlaw half 2013 and lots of sprints,  this year i have concentrated on ow sprints and have managed two top ten finishes,  id love to do a full distance ironman but hence i only have about 12hrs per week to play with balancing it around work and family, im looking at doing the lakeman in june 2016 i have two more events this year in september and looking to start training october time my week point is swimming current fastst 750m was 11.21 i can swim at a pace for a hour not measures the distance as of yet just case of building my run up i guess most i do at the moment is 8miles steady twice a week and one fast 5miler sub 7 min miles,  biking i squeeze in on 30 mile a day commute four days a week plus roller hit sessions and local club tts any advice would be grately welcomed thanks 


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    hi michael... not entirely sure i know what your question is!  

    i'm not sure an 11:20min 750m swimmer is that weak, it might not bother the super fast kids but its more than adequate for top 10% times in a lot of races.

    you seem to have a decent mix of steady/aerobic and more intense sets (tt's, rollers, tempo runs), and it's clearly having a good effect on your times.

    12h a week can go a long way, and i would think that for iron distance you will be able to achieve a lot with that. how you organise it (length of sessions, etc) can be key. i find that in the warmer months booking a few sportive type rides as 'social events', or using another event as an excuse for a long run or ride (i cycled home from my south coast holiday last week) gets in the longer bike and run sessions in.

    what are your aspirations for the lakeman? to finish? specific time or placing? if you know those then you can work your training out accordingly.


  • Everything is possible if you have the will power. And of course, you need proper diet to help you keep up in the race, the proper triathlon gears and the likes. Make sure that you are physically fit before doing so it will not stress your muscles out. 

  • Even am an athlete and preparing for triathlon.Last time I participated in New York Triathlon Expo and was barely able to complete it.But now I have improved my stamina and increased my strength but still Iron man seems like an impossible task for me,like 2.4-mile swim + 112.0-mile bike + 26.2-mile run (full marathon) is a really difficult task.

  • Michael, doing an Iron distance event really isn't that hard but depends on how well you want to do. If you want to go for a fast time then you will require a good training program but if you just want to complete it then do the swim distance twice in open water, cycle 100 miles a couple of times but with minimal stopping and run 16-20 miles once about 6 weeks before the event.

    Some brick sessions will be really good especially after your long bike rides.

    Also check out the course profile and train for that (hill repeats if required)

    Above all its more mental and if you really want to do it then you will require your family to get involved as you will be out the house a lot.

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