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Tri Packages - are they worth it??

Evening all!

My husband is considering joining us mad lot in the triathlon game! He is currently looking at entry level tri packages being offered, does anyone have any advice or experience with what these packages offer and the value for money - or is he better off getting it all separately? [8|]


  • handyrobhandyrob Posts: 31
    Im not a retailer but I know a little bit about these. Tri packs are bundled together to get you started. They probably offer a decent discount off the total RRP of the products. Buying one of these packs now would probably save you money at todays prices, however if you bought all the kit towards the end of the season you may be better off looking for items individually.

    If your hubby is serious about triathlons then Id probably shop around to pick up items that are a better fit and comfort, however if he isnt to sure then go for a package or make do with ordinary non tri specific items
  • Hi Cottontail,

    Ive banged on about this for a while now and i finally got mine tri package last week from tri uk. everything you would need bike, tri suit, wetsuit, goggles, bike shoes, new pedals and bike hat.

    I got mine and everything fits fine and more than happy with it. Bike really good and a godd intro to the equipement. It was also the cheapest package i could by £200ish!

    go to http://triuk.com//index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=17&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=26&vmcchk=1

    hope this helps
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    that sounds good Gavin, What sort of gear did you get? ie make of bike/wetsuit?
  • trimonstertrimonster Posts: 35
    Hi All, I too took the plunge many months ago ( and even chatted with Gavin, and had a thread about Tri packages)

    and invested in a Package from Tri UK. I went for the £499 package which got me, Foor wetsuit, two piece Foor tri kit, aquasphere gogles, Cannondale/Diadora shoes, Pedals, Giro Helmet and a Giant SCR 3 Bike, which was a surprice as i was expecting an OCR 3.

    All in all i am happy with everything although i have yet to use the Wetsuit as i was given an Orca wetsuit.

    However,( there has to be one small probelm somewhere), getting a package over the internet means you miss out on that all important free service after you have done a few miles on your brand new bike. So you would have to weigh up the cost of a service to adjust the cables etc once you have clocked up a few miles. Although I still think you would be Quids in! I did contact Triuk and there were happy to service my bike free of charge, but taking the bike from Feltham, Middx to Somerset it quite a drive!

    I would still recommend a package, you could always sell what you dont need!
  • I got pretty much the same as trimonster apart from the wetsuit as i got a foor. Tried it out at the weekend and is fine.

    I dont work for them though promise!
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