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NickNick Posts: 66
doing first tri soon can swim ,ride a bike and run, never had to put them altogether. the tri that i'm doing includes a pool swim any advice on making t1 and t2 as smooth as posiable.[&:]


  • rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    Get to the race early and practice walking through the transitions. Literally walk through it and go through all the motions. Look at how other people prepare. Talcum powder inside the cycle shoes to help dry the feet up when they go in. Triathlon laces on the running shoes that can be pulled tight very quickly (instead of having to lace up your shoes) can all help.

    Even if you don't get it all perfect this time, you'll learn and do it better next time.
  • DarylDaryl Posts: 10
    As it is your first tri, take it steady through transition, less haste and more speed is the watchword. Lay out a towel to stand on when you get to your bike. I stamp up and down on the towel whilst putting on my helmet, glasses and number belt to allow my feet time to dry before putting on cycle shoes. Talc in the shoes is a good idea. Make sure your cycle shoes and run shoes are laid out ready to go, open up the straps on the cycle shoes. Put your helmet upside down on your handle bars so you just lift it onto your head. Go though the whole process steadily and enjoy the race.
  • Make sure you know where your transition spot is! Sounds obvious but in the heat of the moment it's very easy to loose it. Don't rely on knowing "it's next to the bright red one with the disc wheel" 'cos it may already have gone when you get there. A bright towel or something else distinctive can only help.

    One of my early errors was loosing a load of time in T1 running round shouting "where's my f&*k1ng bike"....not cool at all
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    milnercraig, that made me laugh out loud. In an early tri I called one of the marshalls over to tell him someone had stolen my bike, only to find it in the next row!!

    All good advice there Nick, just dont be tempted to panic and make everything a battle. Good luck.
  • PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    I always worry about finding my bike, but at Windsor I had the best spot in the whole race. The last bike on the last rack, just 2 feet away from the giant "EXIT RUN HERE" sign.

    If only it was always that easy.
  • NickNick Posts: 66
    thanks for all the good advice. talc a deffinate by the sounds of things, as my first tri times not a major issue enjoying the experience is! as experience develops so will time through transition (hopefully).[;)]
  • KarlOnSeaKarlOnSea Posts: 28
    Hi -

    ZappoMan's written a great article outlining his transition routine, which is well worth a read as a starting point. I work with companies who're trying to cut machine changeover times, and the techniques we use are equally applicable to triathlon transitions. So I've written an article about analysing & improving transitions which might be useful to you if you can practice transitions before race day - DON'T make race day the first time you try a transition!

    The main, main point, if you do nothing else . . . count how many racks from the T1 entrance to where you're bike's racked . . . and how many from T2 entrance to where your running kit's hidden.

    Good luck!

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