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I am almost done with my first training schedule for a 1/8 triathlon and looking for something to do next. However all the schedules I find for a 1/4 triathlon seem to require a higher starting level than I have after finishing the 1/8.

Does anyone have some tips for what to do?





  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    WTF is a 1/8 triathlon or even a 1/4?
  • StooDoggStooDogg Posts: 30

    1/8 = Sprint, 1/4 = Olympic. Simple.

  • MitchjeMitchje Posts: 2
    HarryD wrote (see)
    WTF is a 1/8 triathlon or even a 1/4?

    Sorry maybe it is a metric thing but yes StooDogg is correct

  • Gradually build up your training from where you are now, until you can start the Olympic distance training, If you have followed a plan then you can add on to it following the same format. Make sure you don't increase your training load too quickly though, around 10% is the general guidelines for how much you should increase your training/ week.

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