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Ironman UK 2007

RobRob Posts: 209
Who else is doing this? Your first? Your fifth? How's the training going? Recce'd the bike or run route yet? Camping or hotel? Nervous or confident? Any tips? Looking forward to the swim, or dreading every single wet minute of it? Answers on a post please......


  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hi Rob,

    Yeah I'm having a go at IMUK this year. First timer so I'm a bit in the dark, but I did the half at Milton Keynes (Cowman) last year, so I have a bit of an idea. I've been following Treefrog and the boys on the IMCH link to get some inspiration.

    The training is going reasonably well, although I fell off the bike fixing a cadence sensor while cycling in the rain (not recommended!) two weeks ago so I'm just getting back into it. I'm planning on doing the Ireman half in July as prep before a bit of a wind down from August on.

    I've been trying to find some info on the bike course. Anything I've read says that it isn't too technical but I'd appreciate any further info anybody has on it.

    Hope the training is going well.

  • Hey!

    THis is my first ironman as well, so pretty nervous about it! Training is going OK, keep over doing it and getting exhasuted, but i think ive found a good level now.... Swim is going to be ok for me, but im pretty worried about the bike and the run- i havent run over 12 miles yet but can manage 12 miles ok...(is that a really bad thing....!)

    I havent found a place yet as well, so im really organised, i keep calling the same hotel up in a vain effort to find a place, and then get surprised to be told that its still full (still the girl on the other end sounds quite pretty so i dont mind!). I would have though campng would be a pretty bad idea, just because you may get an awfull nights sleep..I think i will have to look for a village near sherbourne, as they may have some room....

    I did the bike course about 2 months ago (i drove it) and there are some pretty long uphill sections, like 6 mile long, but then there are some pretty long donwhill bits as well...

    What about the run? Does anyone know much about it??


  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Excellent, I was beginning to think I was the only one doing it! This is my first too, although I've done a couple of halves, Wimbleball last year & Weymouth a couple of weeks ago. I've cycled the Sherborne route a few times (complete laps & in parts). I live in Poole so I can cycle to the Dorchester end of the course in about 1hr 45mins. I still haven't sorted accomodation but I'm thinking of driving there in the morning, should only take 40mins or so at that time of the morning! I'm banking on a better nights sleep in my own bed.

    The bike course isn't technical at all. There's a climb out of Sherborne, then it's kind of flat & poorish road surface until you get to Lyons Gate which is a stiffish climb (or at least it will be by the third lap!). Then it's pretty much downhill to Dorchester. Then I'm afraid it's climb, climb, climb for around 8 miles (undulating climb that is). My Polar reckons there's around 650ft of climbing to the high point, before a great downhill. I topped 40mph, touching the brakes a couple of times. It's possible on the aerobars with a closed road I reckon.

    Don't know a lot about the run, other than there's a couple of laps of the Castle grounds & then it goes out on to the dual carriageway heading out to Yeovil. That section is apparently very gruelling mentally, with a bridge to cross over the dual carriageway.


  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hi guys,

    I haven't organised anywhere to stay or transport from Ireland so I better get on it. I don't think camping is an option - I expect to be uncomfortable enough on the day without adding to it.

    About the run Johnny - I've read recently that the balance of training reward vs fatigue + risk of injury tips over at about 2 hours. For me thats about 14 / 15 miles so I'm keeping it to that for now. Also Tri 220 mag said recently that more time on the bike benefits the run aswell so I'm trying to up my distance there.

    I'm not too worried about the swim but undulating course and long climbs on the bike is freaking me out! Hope things are going well for you guys.
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    How's it going guys? I'm entering my biggest three weeks of training this week. 5.5+hr rides on Saturdays, & up to 3hr runs on the Sundays. Quite looking forward to it in a masochistic sort of way. Then a much needed recovery week. I see on the website that the swim start is a deep water start, 200m out. 200m! I'm going to need to give myself another 10mins to swim to the start at the rate I swim! Hope your training is going OK.
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Thats some pretty serious mileage Rob, and the run on the Sunday after biking that far on the Sat - would you not be better to switch them so you have fresher legs for the run? I suppose I can't talk, I'm upping the miles now as well and trying to swim in the mornings and both my hamstrings feel as if they're going to fall off. I've booked myself in for an hour of sports massage tomorrow though so maybe that'll help. Hope its going well Johnny.
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hi pacman, I prefer doing the ride on the Saturday. I figure the run is going to be on tired legs for the race so I may as well get used to dragging my sorry arse around slowly on my Sunday runs! I see the forecast is for showers tomorrow, no doubt it'll pee down hard when I'm at the furthest point from home. Aiming to do a lap of the course tomorrow from home, although that may be asking a bit too much on a 5.5hr ride. Eight weeks Sunday guys. That'll fly by.
  • RobRob Posts: 209
  • semerysemery Posts: 27
    Hi there,

    Was just reading your posts about competing in IMUK07. Not that I’m ready to complete that distance just yet. Although I am doing London Sprint and Brighton Olympic this year. But just wanted to let you know that my parents run a B&B near Crewkerne. We have had previous competitors stay in the past. I know it’s about 17 miles but that time of the morning you’ll have an open road. Its about £30 per person in a lovely quiet location. The bikes can be locked up safely. It’s a thought ….. ? The web address is www.manorfarm.biz Anyway good luck!
  • [size=2]

    8 weeks, easy. I figure I can make up all those 1000,s of Kms that ive missed out on!

    Did a 3 hr ride this weekend up and down hills and then a 2 hour run yesterday, so not quite at robs level just yet- but im catching you!! Saying that at work now I feel pretty zoned out, so may have to go for a relaxing swim tonight!! Quite funny, ive just handed in my notice at work, as I have another job to move to in August...Hoping I can somehow engineer it so that I finish here the end of July and don't start the other one till after the race, that would give me a mean 3 weeks to Peak! Fingers crossed hey...! Cant access that video at work, they try and block me from every website I visit, luckily they haven't caught onto the tri 220 yet....God forbid them if they do![/size]
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Cheers, semery I'll definitely give it a look. I think i'm in denial about the whole 8 weeks business. Every time I think to book a ferry or a place to stay a voice in the back of head goes - you've got loads of time! Did a 4.5 hour cylce on Sunday it lashed rain - whats with the weather? I know what your talking about in work aswell Johnny, I feel pretty spaced after a hard days training (and a few beers - got to have a life). How did the lap of the course go Rob? Do I need a triple chainset?!
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152

    I will be giving it a go. Second triathlon, messed up at lanzarote and blew out at 165KM on the bike.[:@]

    Got my act together now an should make it round this time all being well LOL

    Im a bit worried about the 'Rolling start' of the UK swim. I think thats something I better work on[&:]
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hi Guys, I cycled out to the course at the weekend, & I can report that they haven't removed the hills from the course. Bummer. I timed myself over a lap of the 'loop' section of the course, (not including the section to/from Sherborne) & it took me 2hr10min. That was faster than I'll aim to go on race day. So that puts me at around 7-7.5hr for the bike depending on what sort of day I have. To give you some idea of what level I'm at I did Wimbleball bike last year in 3hr 40min & Weymouth Middle Distance bike this year in 2hr 45min. I average around 16mph. I don't exactly set the tarmac alight! I did 87 miles on the Saturday (5.5hrs) & got to within 5mins of home when I got caught in a couple of sixty second showers & got just as wet as if it had rained for the whole ride. Pacman, you won't need a triple. I've got a 53/39 & 13/26 & that was OK. I was off the seat on the steeper sections, but it's manageable.

  • Rich, what happened at lanzarote? You say you blew at 165km? DO you mean your tyres? Or im guessing you mean you just were exhausted?? Im a bit worried about the bike, what tips do you have about making it around that you wish you had last time??

    Rob- i think ill be joining you most of the way around the bike course, i did a hilly ride last night and my average speed is awfull! Oh well!

    7 weeks to go.....Tick tock....Managed to book a place in Youville at the court hotel. Phew

  • Tim DTim D Posts: 64
    Hey guys and girls. Just thought I'd say hi to all you fellow Sherborners. Training is going well I think, although I am sick of all this wet weather. Saying that coming from deepest darkest Cornwall I can't we have had it as bad as oop north recently. We do seem to suffer constantly from the wind. Meant to be out for 5 hour cycle myself tomorrow - the forecast is not good, wind and rain, but I will be out whatever. I figure it might be like that on the day so might as well be sort of used to it. A few on these forums talking about marathon trubo sessions instead. Max I can stand is an hour and a half before I die of boredom and the living room gets flooded with my sweat! Looks like I will have to get wet!

    Rob - sorry I never made it a few weeks ago. I just had too much to do work wise to get away for the weekend. I do ned to get round the course at least for a lap at some point. Running out of time though. Possibly in July. I will ring to ararnge.

    Keep the training going guys and girls. Not long now - journeys almost over!
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    JonathanFerguson wrote:

    Rich, what happened at lanzarote? You say you blew at 165km? DO you mean your tyres? Or im guessing you mean you just were exhausted?? Im a bit worried about the bike, what tips do you have about making it around that you wish you had last time??

    Rob- i think ill be joining you most of the way around the bike course, i did a hilly ride last night and my average speed is awfull! Oh well!

    7 weeks to go.....Tick tock....Managed to book a place in Youville at the court hotel. Phew


    I had kept my bike training to shorter runs, often no more than 50 miles due to an old knee injury that was still causing problems from time to time. I thought id 'save it for the big day' so to speak. After 160KM I was in agony and at 165KM I simply could not continue. Had work done on the injury and progressively increased mileage this time and it seems to have worked.

    Things I learned.

    Use High end tyres[:D] I used hutchinson kevlars and they were shi*. Continental GP4000S,s for this one. Stick in as much air as they will take also. For some bizare reason I went round with about 95psi in mine[&:]

    If your just looking to get round and are not chasing a time ( like me) then I would stick alot of effort in to the bike, especially the first half to boost your moral. I got a bit 'fazed' and made a steady start then started to flap a bit[8D].

    Alot of people at Lanzarote had clearly burnt alot of fule on the bike and were suffering in the Run. Still its not a bad plan and respect due to them as they certainly did better than I !!

    Dont worry about the bike stage mate, im sure you wont have any probs on the day.

    Cheers, R

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    I did my first ever century ride on Saturday! Took me 6.45. And only the last 5.15 were in the pouring rain. I was cycling over the top of Cerne Abbas & looked up at the clouds, shook my fist & shouted 'Is that the worst you've got?'

    It then started raining harder.

    Note to self: keep mouth shut next time.

    I did another lap of the course. It STILL hasn't got any flatter. I also did the short section down into Sherborne Castle for the first time. The hill out will be a nice little heart starter at the beginning of the bike leg. I got to four hours on the bike & remember thinking there is no way I could do a marathon. But I got through the bike & did an hour run straight after & felt OK. If nothing else it showed that during the race I'll go through bad patches where I'll be thinking I can't do it, but they will pass. Just got to follow my primary race tactic & everything will be OK: Keep moving forward.

    Tim, no worries, give us a ring & hopefully you can get up here.

    Rich, I got myself a pair of Conti 4000's a couple of months ago; I agree, they are very good.

    Hope your training in going OK.
  • Hey, justa quickie about your tyres (as ive been looking for new ones), can you use the GPs 4000's in training as well. ie they are not just a race tyre right?? Im using some michellin ones rigth now which are pretty basic.... Is it worth upgrading....How much time difference would it have made for you Rich if you had used the GPs 4000's rather than your hutchinson kevlars (i know its hard to say but give it a shot :)) Impressed with your perserverance ROb- i managed 60 miles and then gave up as it was horrible, not a great attitude-fingers crossed for the race!
  • Hi All,

    I made the rather bold move of entering myself in the 2007 Ironman. Having never actually competed in a triathlon event before it could be considered rather foolish but I'm entered now so I'm going to give it a go [&:] Training has been mediocre up until now but I have 7 weeks left so I think it is time to buckle down and do some work.

    Would appreciate any advice, tips, words of wisdom, etc....

    I have a training schedule and I intend to do a number of open water swims in the wet suit prior to race day.

    Not sure what to do regarding race day nutrition. From what I have read, determination alone won't be enough to get me to the finish line.


  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hi guys,

    I missed my long cycle this weekend I was all tooled up for a century and hit the road. As I turned out of my road the heavens opened, like you Rob I turned to the Gods daring them to bring it on - the thunder and lightning that followed immediately was enough to turn me back. Whatever about getting soaked later on the run I ain't touring around for 6 hours soaked. So I'm hoping to finish early at work today and get a good long cycle in. I have a half ironman this Sunday so I'm looking forward to that aswell. It will be good to test some new kit I've picked up.

    Rich - I was talking to a guy who completed Lanzarote a couple of years ago, he's also done three other european races; he said he never came so close to quitting as in the last 10 miles of Lanzarote cycle. Said the course was up and down a volcano!

    Hope it's going well guys!

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    yikes!, that must be the appropriate forum name I've ever heard. You've never done a tri before? You must have SOME background in sport though right? You must be a runner or cyclist at least? How much training have you been doing up to now? You're right, determination alone won't get you round, but will be a big help.

    Pacman, did you do your ride? What's with the weather, I was expecting to have to take a bottle of sunscreen with me on rides this time of year, not a waterproof!? Which half are you doing? Good luck with it. Good chance to test your nutrition/race strategy for Sherborne.

    Hope everybody's training is going OK.
  • i cant take this rain any more!!! All day at work its good weather, and then i get home and it starts raining!! I keep almost buying a turbo trainer but then dont as im convinced the weather will get better...Everytime i am proved wrong. AHHH. Im getting pretty worried about this now, as im falling so far behind on my biking.... WIll just have to pray for a good weekend! Cant believe its just over 6 weeks away. Scary stuf..
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Johnny, get out there & ride ya big Jessie! [;)] What are you going to do if it rains on the day? (At this rate the swim is going to be the driest part of the race). Forecast for the weekend is mixed.
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hi guys,

    It went pretty good on the bike on Tuesday evening - did about 80 mile before it started getting dark and had to call it a day. I've got to admit when i got my winter leggings and overshoes out and put on the cycling jacket even though it pissed rain for most of the evening it wasn't too bad. So out yeah get Johnny! The only thing is i sweated buckets as it was still reasonsably warm.

    The half I'm doing on Sunday is the Ireman in County Down NI. It seems like a pretty flat course and I haven't been doing enough brick sessions so I thought I'd use this as my long training day.

    Well I've booked the ferry for Friday the 17th, I've booked a hotel in Yeovil, looks like I'm going!

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Ahh, a recovery week. Friday off completely & a mere 3hr bike on Saturday & 80min run on Sunday. Bliss. What am I going to do with all the time I'm going to have on my hands after Sherborne? Sure my wife will think of something.

    How's the training going everybody? Less than six weeks now. Gulp. I've got my longest ride yet to do, 7hrs, in a couple of weeks. Did my longest run this weekend, so I'm already tapering on that!

    Johnny, you been out on that bike?
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Well guys - hows it ticking over? The half went well on Sunday and I've had two recovery days Monday and Tuesday so it was worth it. Everything went well and i'm happy with the new gear. I got a bad wetsuit chaffe on the back of my neck. I've heard this called a wet suit bite before and it's the only part of me that's still sore! Anybody know a way of preventing this - I had used some vaseline, but not much as i 've read that this rots the neoprene any suggestions?
  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    pacman wrote:
    I got a bad wetsuit chaffe on the back of my neck. I've heard this called a wet suit bite before and it's the only part of me that's still sore! Anybody know a way of preventing this - I had used some vaseline, but not much as i 've read that this rots the neoprene any suggestions?

    Have you tried using bodyglide ?

    SBRsports bodyglide

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    pacman, I think I know what caused your wetsuit bite. Swimming with your head up. I had exactly the same thing on a 750m lake swim where the water was freezing & I was reluctant to put my face in the water & as a consequence was doing breaststroke for some of the time. This forces the neck of the wetsuit against your neck. A month later I had a sea swim of 1.9k & I swam 'properly' all the way & had no chafing at all. I was also wearing Bodyglide as Lucky has suggested.
  • Tim DTim D Posts: 64
    Hi guys. Its all getting a little close now isn't it! Training is going well I think. Last week was bit of a rest for me. I raced an Oly tri on Sunday so had a couple of days off leading up to it. Went under 2.15 (2.13.20) so was pretty chuffed. Back to heavy training this week, including a 2.30 run last night (which felt pretty gruelling I can tell you after the w/e) and a 6 ish hour ride this Sat. I've only got 3 more long rides and 1 more long run now before I start tapering. Looking forward to actually doing the bloody thing now - then having a nice rest!

    As far as wetsuit rub is concerned I reckon the best stuff to use to prevent it is baby lotion - the stuff in the pink bottle. I have found the body glide not to be that good and a damn site more expensive.
  • HEy everyone!!! Well yes... I bit the bullet and did a long bike ride, managed 90 miles on sunday and then a very painfull 45 on the monday......Managed a 10 k race on the saturday as well in 38 mins, pretty much the most distressfull thing i have ever done. I told myself i would take it easy, but about 20 seconds into it, i got caught up and ran the whole race with my pulse at around 185!!! SO i finished and pretty much collapsed.....Great!!

    So any need some help, i booked a holiday at the start of this year to go away for a week ( this saturday) with some friends. Ive engineered it so it will be some sort of a rest week ( as i havent had one for 4 weeks now). I know its the peak period, but i guess i just have to work with what i got. In terms of what i should i do, what do you reckon?? Just do alot of running and swimming? Will my cycling performance drop if i dont do it for a week as its my worst part right now....!

    Almost 5 weeks left now....Im getting pretty excited! Another question that i asked before somewhere else, but have any of you considered taking some gels on the the swim with you??? May be agood half way snack??

    Hope all you guys are doing well....Lets rock and roll!!!

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