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running technique

Hi Folks

New guy here wanting any advice and info that's available from all the tri vets out there. Almost made up my mind to enter 70.3 or if I get really brave (& win the lottery first!!) may stick in an application for the biggie.

Problem is running. Never been a brilliant runner but in years gone by I did manage several miles at a time. Problem now is as soon as I run my calves get very tight, sore and painful. Am trying chi running technique but so far no success. Fairly sure that I am not on my toes. Aside from lots of stretching before and after a run, anyone any ideas how I can run pain free?

Can anyone help?


  • The advice regarding running I was given from one of our clients at work is thus

    High leg turn over 90 strides an minute (right foot hitting the ground)

    Land on the mid to front foot (sounds like you are trying this) - The Triathlon Training Bible backs this up and suggests skipping as a way of training you to land on toes/mid foot

    Get decent trainers and warm up on one of those trampet things

    Hope it helps

  • thanx for the advice I'll certainly trythe skipping too
  • Tight calves can be a consequence of flat feet. If so, you may need sports insoles or orthotics, a podiatrist would be best for advice.
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Are you starting off too fast? when i started running i had lots of problems with tight calves but by running slowly and gradually building up my distances it got better.

    Remember to do stretching after the run, standing with your toes on one stair and dropping your heels down slowly will allow the achilles and the lower gastrocnemious to stretch.

  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    I'd agree with the above.. I've had problems with tight calves and achilles as well... the key is just lots of stretching.. Yoga can help as well... build up the speed and distance slowly.... it will improve. Part of the problem for non-runners is that the calves need time to build up strenght... hang in there and you'll be fine....

  • JonoJono Posts: 1

    A good source of info on running technique is on www.posetech.com.

    Running leg speed is a good thing, 90 RPM per leg is quite high. Try start off below that and gradually work your way up. A tempo trainer which beeps at the required foot strike interval can be helpful.

    Naturally when we try run faster we increase our stride, which leads to us overstriding and a subsequent stoping movement as our front foot strikes the ground well infront of our Center of Gravity.

    You want to try roll along as you run creating no stoping movements...

    Try when you run to take smaller but quicker steps, with your feet more or less remaining underneath your bodies center of gravity. In other words there is almost always a straight line between your ankles, hips and shoulders. This also helps with balance so you are not always wasting energy trying to get your body to go in one direction.

    Try also run by flexing at the knee first which will bring your ankle up towards your bum.

    Instead of flexing at the hips first which brings your knees up, with your ankles following afterwards. In other words inniate the movement with your feet first not your kness.

    Doing it the first method you are working with Gravity because as your ankle comes up near to your bum it can fall forward with gravity.

    The second method mentioned you are having to use energy to work against gravity as you extend your leg forward for foot strike.

    To try keep it simple as you run, just have a mindset of "lifting your foot up-heel to bum" instead of worring about puting your foot down.

    Obviously the way you run has to be natural so try blend this into your own natural style...just refine a few things as you go. Only with practice will the change occur so be patient.

    Make sure your training program is progressive so you can build up your fitness plus gradually include a few speed sessions to help with the leg speed. This will also help you (and your calves!!) get use to running on the ball of your foot.

    Try some drills which will improve your co-ordination and balance.

    And then later on some plyometrics so you learn to become light on your feet.

    Hope this is a help!

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