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Training in London

Where do people train in London? I have recently moved from San Diego, California to London and am struggling to find some friendly triathelete in town to train with. I have been cycling in richmond park. are there any better place to bike or to run?

I am also looking for a triathlon club to join in central London. any suggestion would much appreciated.


  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Welcome to the UK, hope you like the weather; this is why we are all short, it's the rain you know.[:D][:D]

    If you are training in Richmond park then try this:


    they are based at Hampton on the other side of the river to you.

    Alternatively go to the british triathlon clubs page @:


    Hope you find the right people to train with, luckily there are several races in and around Richmond park including breakfast runs.

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    who you calling a pygmy ..... maybe its the bitter but we aint a tribe o' stunted tri people up north

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    its definately the bitter......[:D]

    Should have probably started earlier as I aint all that tall..

  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    i'd recommend thames turbo too, they're really friendly, run some great races and the girls are first class!!

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