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What is a good Tri Watch to wear??


I’ve just lost my HRM and so I’m on the lookout for a new one. However, I don’t just want a HRM. I’m looking for a package that I can use throughout all 3 disciplines and also for training.

What I mean is I want a system that somehow incorporates cadence, heart rate, speed (on and on the bike (i.e a GPRS like the Garmin forerunner)) as well as a watch and a bike computer ( so when I’m cycling I can see it right in front of me). Is there anything on the market that is like this? If not what do people find is the best Tri watch to wear during events…Do you find the Garmin too Bulky to wear whilst racing?? Any ideas/ comments or suggestions would be very welcome!




  • How about the forerunner 50?
  • That looks sweet! SO many watches on the market, i dont know what to go for.....Also is it worth paying out for a power meter....Like the Polar Cs600??

  • just wondering. theres no need for a heart rate mointer or cadience thing on ur bike. if you have been in the sport for a while you should be able to judge the rate of ur heart on perceved effort. but if you are a person that likes facts and figures and if thats how you guage ur perforamance go with Polar Cs600. thru my training i have found that there is no need for one . but if you wish to spend the money on one go ahead [/align]
  • Yeah, i suppose people like Stadler, Don and Al Sultan use these training aids as they haven’t been in the sport long enough to be able to gauge their percieved effort....Who knows, maybe one day they will become as in tune with their body as you....However as they're world class athletes and I’m guessing you're not, I think ill stick with their methods for now....
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    actually, jonathan, that's not completely correct.

    Not all world class athletes use a HRM (hey, I don't use one either[8D]).

    No seriously, I know Marino Vanhoenacker, who lives about 10k from my house, he doesn't use one. Actually, he even doesn't have a coach until last year, he trained on feeling.

    Benny Vansteelant, multiple world champion duathlon, who died of injuries of a car accident last month, didn't train with hrm; he says it distracts him too much from the job at hand and trained at feel.

    I guess its a personal choice, and I'm sure there are scientifically proven benefits, but you can go without them too.
  • I find perceived effort too subjective. If I feel good when I'm training my perception of effort goes down, but my HRM doesn't lie.
  • husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Hey there, i use the Garmin Forerunner 305 in both training and racing, although you cant use it in water! To get around this in training i have it pinned or fastened to something on poolside so i can see my current laptimes and so i can press the lap button if im doing timed sets where i need to see how consistant i am etc In races i have my humble assistant look after it while im swimming, pressing start/lap when im in and out... then pass me it whilst im running upto Transition, for the sake of a few seconds difference between my transition times and official times it doesnt make a difference.

    For the running and cycling, it is excellent and has a useful get me home device for when i get lost on my epic 5-6 hour rides into the back of beyond. You can pick them up for around £140 now i believe?? The only negative point i have with it is that you can only use the HR strap that comes with it.. so if you have a turbo trainer with HR on then you have to buy a separate HR strap to work with that so that means you end up with a couple of different Straps to use.....hope this helps
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