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exocet or??

hi has any one bought or seen t,tested the planet x exocet i am gettin a tt bike and this is a lot of bike for little money or any1 suggest a good tt bike the moda interval looks good aswell any advice would be welcome cheers steve


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    or it could just be a good bargain and in the sale 30% off should be 2999 i really like the cube arium and connomdale slice i just dont know exocet looks bling all the way!!
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    Hi Steve785,

    I have bought the Exocet Dura Ace when it was 2000 and it is bloody fantastic.
    In my opinion whatever bike you buy, it needs to make you want to get out and ride it. My Exocet (Its name is Black Prince) certainly does that. It is light and very stiff. Love it.

    Also the technical help given by the site is very very good and Ian Cammish was extremely helpful and patient with me too..

    Whatever bike you get I hope you enjoy it as much I do with BP.


    Tri Pencil
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    nice one, sounding good i could be swayed here i think i want the pink one its awsome!!
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    QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    Bargain of the decade!
    My ONLY reason for not getting one is as irrational as it is ridiculous.....they're too common around these parts. PX is less than an hour away.

    Stealths flew out the door and in the flesh the Exo is better! Upgrades very easy at the buuild up phase as you can use the site to custom build the bike and works out cheaper then doing it yourself.

    as the price of 2nd hand quality bikes seems to be hovering about the 1800-2k mark spending an extra £200 for a new bike is getting more and more difficult to justify.

    You could even get a Nanolight road bike AND a Stealth TT for not much more and the Stealth aint actually a bad TT bike!
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