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Duathlon - Your country needs you!

Folks, if you're reading this and you're not busy Sunday there's a couple of top Aussie duathletes doing our event at Castle Combe (5k/20k/3k). There's day entries available and it's part of a day of sport, with a 10k at 10am, a rowathlon from 12pm and then the duathlon at 3.30pm.

If you're reading this and you're pretty handy at duathlon, come and give these Aussies a run for their money. Rafael Baugh and James Attard are their names and I believe they're both currently or previously ranked World Top 10, but I don't want to give one of them first prize without a bit of a fight from a solid Brit.

Lee Piercy, Ollie Mott, Tom Lowe...... DB Max and your country needs you [:D]
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