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How do you treat rude cyclist's

This morning whilst on the way to work (5:30) I went to overtake 2 other cyclist's,one guy took a right turn with out looking causing me to break fairly hard. I was a bit surprised as when he did look over his shoulder it was just to say bye to his mate. I came up next to the other guy and said "Can you tell your buddy to check his shoulder in future". It should be said at this point I was trying to be helpful rather then rude. The response I got was "Fuck off mate" I did not respond as I was not sure what I heard, he confirmed his responce by repeating himself louder and more aggressively.As well as this guy's attitude he had no lights on his bike (in hinds sight I would not care if he got hit by a car). Motorist generalise cyclist's and will put all riders in the same category and treat us accordingly.
It has always been my impression that a cyclist should always look out for another cyclist even more so when it's early in the morning. We have enough to worry about being treated like a moving target by some (not all) car drivers.
My main Question is what response should these scum bag riders get so we are are not all tarnished with the same brush.


  • A gentle shove onto the pavement would have been my first reaction
    Then ride off in to the sunrise....
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Although I never do this, but I have had other cyclists do the 'On your right' as they come past. Not that this excuses their/his behaviour, & certainly the expletive reply is well out of order, deserves nothing but your contempt. My current response of choice for wayward walkers/dog owners etc is to stop, look,wait ubtil person/child/dog has moved or been moved & fail to register their apology/justification/presence & ride off in silence sometimes adding the small shake of the head.
  • If you feel confident you can outride them, then twat them, call them a see you next tuesday and power off. You will feel much better and you get to raise your heart rate for a few minutes !
  • Thank's Essexbloke, I whish i had have given him a twat would have made me smile. I am on the same start time tomorrow am so with any luck we can exchange some more plesentary's.
    I feel we should all start twating the guy's that give cycling a bad name, maybe then they will get back on the buses and leave us alone.
  • See you next tuesday

    Thats quality
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    If you are feeling strong and vindictive enough,pull along side,ask him if he wants to up the tempo,and just gradually increase the pace,so that he slowly and gradually falls back,drop back and then pick up the pace,backwards and forwards so he can never recover,once that has crippled him,stop and then t*at him.
  • I was in traffic the other day and I was next to a bus/cycle lane. A pedestrian crossing changed the lights to red and I could see in my mirror a cyclist coming. I presumed he would stop but by looking at his speed he wasn't planning to. A lady stepped out into the road as Gordon the green man was on and the cyclist went through the red light and swerved in front of her scaring her sh**less. As I caught up with him I wound my window and shouted that he was giving us cyclists a bad name. I didn't get any abuse back but he probably wondered why a cyclist was in a car. I commute from notts to Sheffield - my excuse.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I have seen some cylists behave in a manner I call cycling nazism. They think they are a cut above everyone because of either their eco cred or athletic proficiency, I saw one such facist swearing and screaming (oblivious to the crocodile of primary school children who waiting to cross the road) at the top of his voice at a bus driver who dared to turn left as he sped up the inside.

    Ignore them, if that is their standard of road awreness they will soon be culled.

    As above just show that although they may talk the talk you can walk the walk - so to speak.
  • It's not a rude cyclist, rude driver driver distinction, it's just a rude person. Some people are just dickheads and whatever their mode of transportation will act as if they're the most important thing on the road and that everyone else should get out of their way. Your man on the bike will most likely behave in the same ignorant manner when he's in his car, when he's walking down the road or wherever else. Ignoring them is the best way as their arrogance usually vents itself as agression when challenged and it doesnt matter whether it'd make you feel better or not- no one wants to end up being hit in the face.
    I never let my annoyance show as the one and only time I retaliated to a driver who nearly knocked me off by squeezing past me on a bridge of all places, said driver pulled over and started trying to fight me. Nice.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    throw them under the next passing car... seriously, people like that are clearly mental and should be avoided. Just take comfort in the fact that sooner or later they'll end up under a car sooner than later
  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    If theyre wearing cleated shoes (not SPD tho) you can do what you like as they aint exactly going to be running after you. Had to walk a mile in mine this morning after rear hanger failed
    (time for a fixie?)

    Ever see the handbags at last years TdF? Skinny men in slippery cycle shoes does not a good brawl make
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