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Blood donation vs race./training

Is it not recommended to give blood during training season or one week before race? What's the mimimum time before?

Thanks Jean


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    PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    Dunno. Ask Team Astana :)
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    As fair exchange is no robbery I think Vino is vindicated as he just replaced it,yeh right.

    But seriously it will depend on what percentage of blood you donated,the average body may carry 8 pints so a smaller person may donate a larger percentage than a big bloater like myself.I am sure a medical person will provide research to show the exact time but maybe this is a question to ask on the 'any ideas' thread.
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    cranmerecranmere Posts: 34
    The blood volume is replaced very quickly but it takes several weeks to replace all of the red blood cells. I would expect to see your body's ability to move oxygen slightly reduced for at least a week so probably not a good idea immediately before competition.


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    chrisgchrisg Posts: 5
    I did an all terrain running event which consisted of 7 runs in as many days after blood donation and I suffered! I wouldn't recommend it. It took me ages to get my fitness back. But I am only talking from my experience. Get medical advice. I've delayed my next donation until after my next tri and my holiday!I don't want to go thru that again. [:o]
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