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A HA! WE know the route, we know the route! :) lol

I am unbelivably excited about finding this info!

We sccoped all the other forums tri 2 4 what!??

2.0 [/b] Proposed Locations / Route[/b]


2.1 Initial discussions have taken place between Bolton Council, NWDA and Ironman UK to establish possible locations and routes within Bolton. These are shown below, but feedback from Ironman UK is that the final routes are open to negotiation and further realistic suggestions.

· Swimming event[/b] – Rivington Reservoir.

· Cycle route.[/b] An initial suggestion is the following - Rivington reservoir to Adlington, Blackrod, Rufford, onto B5246, Croston, Eccleston before returning the Adlington. Suggestions could be made to adapt this route if appropriate.


· Running Route[/b] – suggested route involves a course around Horwich, Reebok Stadium and Middlebrook finishing in Victoria Square in Bolton Town Centre.

3.0 [/b] Economic Impact and Benefit to Bolton[/b]


3.1 Ironman UK carry out detailed annual evaluation into the impact of their event. This research shows the following key figures for 2008:

· 1,650 entrants from 42 countries

· 30,000 spectators to the host venue of Sherborne Castle

· Competitors spent an estimated £2,248,121 prior to and during the race

· Athletes brought an average of 2.3 spectators each to the event. Total spectator spend was estimated at £1,290,456.

· Total estimated spend of spectators and competitors in 2008 was £3,538,577[/b]

· Similar figures have been produced for the 2007 and 2005 events


3.2 The organisers also estimate that the 2008 event generated £12.4milmedia coverage through a global deal with SNTV. For the 2009 event a new deal has been struck with Channel 4 Eurosport and ESPN (American satellite TV network) meaning that there is a potential reach of just under 1 billion people.


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