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Tubs for racing ??

Was advised by the manufacturer to look at tubs for racing, he said definitely clinchers for training and general use but if the wheels are specifc for racing then go for tubulars.

Do people agree ? do most use tubulars for racing ?

what are the pro's / con's



  • Running tubs on my race bike at the mo and i would agree tubs for racing clinchers for training so much easier if you get a puncture when your out on a long ride.(bad experience with tub and tyre inflate foam)

    As far as i know 1,tubs can be run at higher pressure thus lower rolling resistance.

    2,Are slightly narrower and more aero

    3, Less prone to punctures but when they do [:'(]

    Saying all that the new clinchers on the market to day are V good and soooooo much easier to change. Safer as well less likely to roll off the rim, it makes you think when your cornering down hill at speed and all thats stopping the tub from comming off is a tight fit and a bit of double sided rim tape!!!

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