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New to Ironman...


New to this forum - looks like an excellent source of information and experience!

I am going to enter an Ironman next summer (2008) and am wondering which to do. Cycling is my weakness so I would welcome any info on the "easiest" bike courses. I suppose I'd much prefer to stay in Europe - mainly due to costs.

Thank you in advance!



  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,your best bet is to visit each ironman course website and look at the course profile they may give the total climb gained or a graph to work it out yourself.I am not a good cyclist and out of Austria,UK,Switzerland ,Austria is the easiest also think about wind and temperature they have some effect as well.Hope this helps.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for that - good advice! I'd like to do the UK one simply out of cost (proximity etc...) but a different one might be the tickt.

    Thanks again,

  • Just done IM New Zealand (my first), helped as volnteer two years too. Its a great event and the venue is one of the best. The bike is pretty flat, at least two thirds and the climbs are not too bad, mostly long. As for cost, ye its the other side of the world but the kiwi dollar to the pound is always good and its a hell of a place to visit. I have friends locally so that helps a bit but the locals and businesses tend to adopt forign competitors so its worth a look. Was planning on 09 as next one but may well just go next year too.
  • secretsecret Posts: 1
    Hi there

    I am a South African making the trip to Zurich to do IM ( I have done 2 IM South Africa's).

    Would appreciate some advise from Switzerland vets - would a TT (Scott Plasma) or normal road bike be better for the bike course and should I consider going from a 23/12 gearing to say a 25/13. I have looked at the profile but there is no better advice than from those who have been there anbd done it!!!

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,it would depend on comfort for the bike leg,any time lost using a TT set up on the climbs would easily be made up on the descents and flat sections,there are no real technical descents just fast ones.Standard gearing is ok as the climbs are not particularly long strenuous ones.Hope this helps,all the best.
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