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How far can Beginner expect to go??

Just looking for bit of advice/inspiration/motivation !!!!

I am 32, not a particuarly athletic background and looking to maybe do first triathlon this year.

My question is how high (depending on motivation etc) can Beginner expect to go. Obviously am not planning to do Ironman this year !! but as a relatively late starter and as long term ambition - is the sky the limit

Many Thanks


  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    How longs a piece of string? Welcome NRUK, there are so many points to take into account ie what sort of shape you are in now, are you overweight? smoker? what have you done previously? endurance levels? etc etc. Id say find yourself a novice event allowing say a couple of months(again, it really depends how fit you are now) start training on all three disciplines and take it from there.

    WARNING- once you have done your first tri, you will find there is no turning back and will then be a total addict. It suddenly becomes an expensive sport, where everything else takes second place...lol. Good luck and enjoy.

    ps Yes the skies the limit, but its down to you.
  • NRUKNRUK Posts: 3
    Def not overweight, never smoked and dont drink very much. Fitness very basic. Prob wouldnt last 5/10 mins on a treadwell.

    For some reason Ok at swimming/cycling/rowing machine but always been dire at running!!

    Just asking any recent beginners "How far have they come?"
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Similar to myself last year, enjoyed swimming and liked to pedal about on an old steel frame bike. Eventually got shoved into buying a good road bike, found the miles were getting more and more. Tried a novice tri in Wick (less chance of anyone recognising me up there) and havent looked back.

    Yeah running seems to take more out of you, but just build up gradually, you'll do fine.

    Im sure someone can give you some more technical advice than this but definetly go for it.
  • bennibenni Posts: 4
    ironman in 12.24hrs ,9 months before 16.5 stone beer monster,only did it to raise money for hospice dad died in,thats how far you can go as a beginner,BUT ONLY YOU CAN DO IT only you can get up 2 hrs before a shift at work and train,run to work, bike to work get your training where you can.read things from the internet,magazines make your own mind and commen sense. believe me ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE this ex fat knacker can vouch for that.if you would like any help with any thing give me an email
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Hats off to you benni, thats quite an achievement. Are you still doing triathlon?
  • NRUKNRUK Posts: 3
    Now thats inspiration for anybody to get up off their backside!!!!

    Thanks for that comment mate.Now I think I was secretly looking for somebody to say "Dont bother - is not possible", !!!!!!! i.e. an excuse !!!!!
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Endurance and a workout at the gym(that includes the treadmill).Thats what you need and of course motivation does play a big part but so does determination
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