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THIS IS BIG NEWS.Just had the latest.

Shimano will be manufacturing full carbon chainsets in addition to the current alu. crank options. Unlike many other carbon cranks these will be made with 100% carbon- no wrapping of aluminium, period.

They will be 10% stiffer and a few grams lighter. Only saw a photo which is much like the one snapped on www.Cyclingnews.com with the addition of the Dura-Ace graphic. Production will be LIMITED - Pro Tour teams will not get this as sponsored equipment (the teams or riders will have to purchase themselves!). Apparently it's a highly complicated manufacturing process. Will only be available in 165mm or 170mm or 175mm.Also included is a redigned rear mech.The Expected arrival date: Dec 2007/Jan 2008.

Also a redesign of the hubs: front hub is now lighter and more conicole shaped. Rear hub is where the business it at. Pawl engagement will be 25% faster than current model. Ti freewheel body. Compatible with 10/9/8 speed
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