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BMC TT02 OR TT03.Anyone have one or ridden

Hi guys,now i know alot about bikes but theres always one that keeps croping up and making me think,Its the BMC TT02 and TT03,Now i know that the TT02 has a pedigree from its big £6250 brother,i know its made from high quility HM carbon(TT02 not TT03) and non other than easton aluminium tubing and the TT02 been out for years bit like an argon 18 mercury.Im just wondering if any of you guys have or ever ridden a BMC TT02 or TT03,I know there highly rated frames(TT02 more higher rated) but the people who have rated dont ride them all the time,itle be interesting to hear some feedback on what you think of it in any terms and opinions.

[image]http://www.b-shop-ochi.com/road bike/bmc time machine tt02/bmc time machine tt02 1.JPG[/image]

[image]http://www.b-shop-ochi.com/road bike/bmc time machine tt02/bmc time machine tt02 7.jpg[/image][image]http://www.1stbike.net/2008BMC/08BMC/08tenzikai/08TT02.jpg[/image]




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