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Rips / Torn wetsuit

Hi all,

I’ve been training in my 2/3 tri wetsuit each Saturday morning in an outdoor lido since mid Feb. Since then I have managed to get three rips where I have slightly torn the neoprene when putting it on. I adore my suit and have read everything there is to know about how to take care of including putting teh suit on and taking it off (using socks and gloves). Now I do tend to cycle to the swim, so next time I may shower before putting it on in the vain that will be easier to put on.

It’s a £300 suit that I managed to get a great price. I spoke the shop where bought it and they were very helpful. They informed me that on a thin suit like the one I have its common to get rips. I have repaired it each time with the correct contact adhesive and patches which has worked fine. (At least it looks worn in).

Now I just wondered if anyone else had come across this problem and how common was it?


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    handyrobhandyrob Posts: 31
    Are the rips crescent shaped? If they are then it may be the way you put it on as your fingers can pierce the neoprene if you are to vigorous with it. Or your toes an sometimes get caught as you put your feet into the legs. I know of people who put plastic bags over their feet as they put them on to reduce this risk
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    AndyAAndyA Posts: 14
    Don't shower first! If you thought it was tricky when slightly sweaty, then getting it on when wet is a complete pain. The only exception to this could to try putting it on whilst actually in the shower!- never tried it myself but hey it might help 'float' it on.

    The only real suggestion i can make is to dry the sweat off yourself with a towel, then go crazy with the talc!

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