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Calling all winter riders..

Can someone recommend a warm waterproof (no mesh fronts) pair of road shoes for winter riding? Being able to walk in the shoes would be a bonus. Which have tread around outside of shoe, like MTB. But need to have three hole cleats for LOOK SPD pedals. Ideally need these http://www.ukbikestore.co.uk/acatalog/info_shimano_brw02.html in a shoe any ideas?


  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    I wouldn't bother with new shoes, just get some waterproof over boots and a warm pair of socks, that's all most people use.

  • Hi David I have actually bought the over socks. They are a pain to put on and take off each time. Is this what you do?
  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Absolutely. I know thay can be a bit of a pain, and the ones I've got are pretty basic so I do have some issues with them, but look around and see what else there is on the market, I think some are simply pulled straight on over your shoes (mine are all velco straps). I've only ever seen one pair of shoes described as winter shoes, on Wiggle I think, I don't remember who they were made by and they were expensive. I will be sticking with overshoes due to versatility and cost.

  • There are lots of deals around at the moment for Diadora Chili Sport and Chili Extreme shoes in both road and MTB versions.

    Just got a set of the Chili Extreme Road version myself for £50.00 as the soles are the same as my road and tri shoes so making cleat set up a doddle. Have yet to try them on the road but they are a quality bit of kit for the money and super warm and comfy.
  • I have some great carbon fibre road shoes BUT i commute too and so need some that i can walk in and that keep my feet warmies in the winter! I am also having trouble finding some that are like mtb shoes but that have the three holes. Will check out the ones you mention above.

  • semerysemery Posts: 27
    hi again, well in the end i did go for news shoes, shimano MTB, leather front black three strap cant remember model now, good deal from wiggle.co.uk, although did a club ride on wednesday and they were not that warm. outside temp was only 11! am sure it will get colder than that. should have gone a bit more on price and paid for the warmth! a dam sight warmer than my summer tri shoes though, and at least i can walk in them now! even if it means changing pedals.
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