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Do you remember your first time ?

LuckyLucky Posts: 137
I do, it was last night and a sprint distance at Dorney Lake organised by F3 Events and now I think I might be hooked (in spite of coming in as the organisers were packing up, and being third from last!)


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    How was it? I'm looking at an application form for 23rd sept at the moment.
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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    It was good, seemed well organised, although as it was my first event it is hard to compare, the cycle is 5 laps alongside dorney rowing lake (tail wind out, head wind back) and then a 2 lap run on the other side of the lake.

    I'm doing the next one on the 18th of this month and I've also entered the Sprint distance on the 23rd September as well (so I guess I'll see you there!)
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    I'm in the south of France on the 18th so I'll be getting tips from the Tour de France ridrs and practicing OW swimming in the Med. Pooooor me! [:)]
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    rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    James, my 2 cents' worth: I found Dorney to be quite dull, especially at the Olympic distance. All those laps around the rowing lake made me feel quite bored and lose count. Sure, it's flat and fast (aside from the winds you may have to contend with), but I found it very, very dull. Personally, I prefer some scenery on the bike ride, at least, if not also on the run.
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    I don't think that I'm going to be looking at any Olis this season so hopefully the "flat and dull" won't be too much of a problem.
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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    rpopper65 wrote:

    I found Dorney to be quite dull, especially at the Olympic distance.

    Fair point, it did get a bit dull by lap 4 on the cycle.... ;-)

    but was happy to be doing my first event. (I suspect by the time I've done my third one there I'll have had enough of the place)
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    rpopper65rpopper65 Posts: 171
    Sorry, I didn't mean to highjack the conversation thread or disparage your achievement, Lucky. I can imagine that Dorney is an excellent venue for your first few tris, and I know that the organisers always do an excellent job of putting on these events. And, if you're looking for a fast race where you can get some good personal bests under your belt, then fast and flat is the right description to look for.

    There is something special about your first time. Mine was one of the Bedford sprints, and I had a clunky, heavy mountain bike and went about 10 mph. I tried to put on a very tight lycra cycling shirt over my wet skin in Transtion 1, and I got it all stuck around my shoulders and finally tore the neck in frustration pulling it down. Then, I tied and re-tied my laces because they were too loose or too tight. Must have taken me 10 minutes to get through that first Transition.
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    mini__Cmini__C Posts: 44
    My first time wasn't that great....

    It was in May - BUSA Sprint, and being an average swimming I did ok on that...but still quite new to cycling(only got my first bike EVER in my life in January) I was too strong at the beginning and didn't pace myself right, it was quite windy that day as well, and I must have been a bit too tired cause I lost my concentration while going round a round about, think I was going too quick and the back tires didn't quite catch the ground and skid across gravel(was about few hundred meters from finishing the bike run). It was pretty bad, bike was ok, I wasn't though I had cuts and grazes on my knee, my butt got the most of it (Yikes). But that didn't stop me though.. I kinda told myself - Damn you, There is no way I'm going to give up now, so I finished with an appauling 27mins 5k run.

    What a first tri to remember, when ever my friends ask me " So how was your first tri??", I would say " I crashed!" lol.....

    Sigh~~Better luck next time eh??

    Must say- that kinda gave me more determination to do better next time. Despite the crash I actually loved it.


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    Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    I started off with ironman lanzarote. When I entered I could not swim and had quit a 20 a day smoking habbit the day before , did not have a bike and no proper running shoes,

    But I did have 10 months to do alot of learning[8D]

    Had to withdraw after 165KM on the bike with a badly swollen knee joint, but have a confirmed entry for next years event so I may yet settle the score.

    Fantastic day and one of the best experiences in my life[:)]
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    jeanmongjeanmong Posts: 23
    I live in Asia so I did my first triathlon in Thailand: the Phuket laguna.

    The start was absolutely great, from the beach, early in the morning, nice cafe del mar music, not too warm -beautiful- sea, bike hilly but amazing scenery and great run as went through a golf course... I clearly took my time to enjoy the experience/scenery.... 5 hours!... The arrival was great, first very loud rock music, and second the organiser made the effort to announce the name of everyone who completed the race...

    So if you plan to take some vacations in Thailand (lovely country, with great people, culture and... food)... combine it with the race...

    PS: my second one was in Bali last month.. another great one.. and Bali is another great place for vacation.....

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    HI Lucky,

    My first Tri will be Bananaman...so technically I should come back then..

    ..although I completed an Aquathlon last week - my first competive swim event - and it was great!

    I can't wait for Bananaman.......

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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    Sole Runner wrote:

    HI Lucky,

    My first Tri will be Bananaman...so technically I should come back then..

    A colleague of mine is doing the Bananaman, I'm now thinking of entering, although I'm already doing an F3 Tri on the Wednesday of that week, just not sure I want to go and support, when I could just enter...


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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Ironbridge olympic distance 2005 was my first. Beautiful weather, brilliantly organized, no fancy tri gear, beaten by breastrokers on the swim, loved every second. Aimed for any time under 3 hours and made it in 2.58.58. How could you not get hooked.

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    Dear L,

    You know It'll be much more competing!

    Seriously - whatever youd ecide, have great time at F3.

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    BarbsaramaBarbsarama Posts: 73
    My first tri was three tris ago at the Eton super sprint in Dorney. I think it was a great location for my first tri because i could pace myself easier by knowing how long i should take for each lap etc, and it kept me motivated on the run by judging how long i should take for each lap etc! Although my second tri was at Cotswold and the course was a loop for the cycle and one loop for the run. Oddly though i did better times at this second race even though i couldn't pace myself - and i had a chest infection... So maybe you guys are right about the laps being boring. Ok, i'm rambling now... [:)]
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    DermskiDermski Posts: 14
    Hi Lucky,

    My first tri was when I was 15 I think. The Portaferry Kids triathlon in Northern Ireland. 100m sea swim (No wetsuit, just a pair of speedo's) 7k bike and about 3k run if I can remember correctly. I remember the water being Icey cold the bike being extremely hard and the run just insane! I collapsed as I got over the line to my legs relief [:D]

    I've done a few tri's between then and now, but now 15 years on I've really got into it and really enjoying the buzz of it, although I've swapped the speedo's for a wetsuit now! [:)]


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    NickNick Posts: 66
    hi lucky .my first time was 8/7/07 long eaton novice sprint(400m swim 10mile bike 5k run) what an amazing experience. well and truley hooked as have signed on for two more, nottingham sprint and derby tri. t1 went ok as i kinda potted through and got a bit confused in t2 couldn't figure out way to run exit(no fault of the organisation just me being a bit over awed by the occasion!!) for all that did a better time than was expecting so well chuffed.[:D]
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    cmonvatucmonvatu Posts: 5
    Hi Lucky

    I remember my first triathlon...6 years ago. The 750mt

    swim took me 38 mins...mainly breststoke...I have learned

    frrestyle now...

    It took me a grand total of 1 hour 40 mins to finish and I

    was last by a long long way...

    but I was hooked and proceeded to train and get fitter...

    then did a few olympic didtance events.

    I never got much faster...at 52 it's not going to happen.

    But I did get longer...now completed 3 Ironman events.

    Swiss a couple of weeks ago. Slow, steady but still

    totally hooked...

    So go for it...!!!

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