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Wimbleball - Cycle ????

To all those wiser triathletes out there.....

I have completed many Olympic and Shorter distance tri races over the last 4 years but I am not heavy with hill experience. I have competed as a novice / intermediate in the Phil and Friends 60 mile ride in Sheffied and took on some pretty heavy stuff (for me anyway) around Snake's Pass but as part of a half iron man, I just want to get a feel for it. First time Wimbleballer therefore calling upon the advice of those wiser triathletes. Can anyone give me an indication as to the difficulty level of the Wimbleball cycle?

Thank you.


  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hi Triad, if you go back through the forum, chat about the bike course crops up on a couple of threads. It's pretty tough. Three killer hills & some extremely fast technical descents. Have a look back through the forum & you'll be left in no doubt! Practice those hills.


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