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Is it really possible?

48 yr old male (nearly 49).

Cycle a lot (old heavy bike, 60miles plus per week)

Marathon 4 years ago. Did Ok 4hrs 8mins on 4months training (not really run before)

Poorish swimmer.

Can a guy really do this?

Thought the Marathon was ultimate thing. Proud of myself for achieving it.


Olympic triathlon.

Got to feel even better. Right?

How do I start?

Going swimming tomorrow. Will bike to pool (5 miles).

Guess it follows from there.

Worried about swim. Poor technique.

Worried about running. Poor knee.

Nice to have such a great site to post on.

Read lots of posts.

Also posted on TriTalk.

Nice to have a chance to say hi to everyone.



  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Steve, it sounds very possible to me. Your marathon time sounds very respectable and cycling should be no problem. If you're worried about your swimming then it would be great if you could get to some swim clinics to improve technique. You don't mention what is wrong with your knee, but if you can run a marathon on it then it should be ok. It might be worth getting it checked out though.

    As for "how to start", I'm not a great reader of training manuals but I'm sure some of the other members can recommend good literature. Set yourself some realistic goals, maybe aim to complete a sprint race earlier in the year to get a feel for it and then do the olympic a bit later in the year. Finding some people to train with would be good.

    So in answer to your question; yes it's definately possible, so enjoy.

  • jeanmongjeanmong Posts: 23
    clearly possible!

    MAke sure you have the right shoes (i recently understoiod that my knee pain was due to wrong shoesm I thought I wsw neutral whereas I am overpornator!)

    For the swim: Total immersion : I learnt by myself with their books/DVD

    FOr the Olympic Tri, Eric Harr was great inpsiration/motivation...Thanks to this book! I completed my first tri (Phuket in 5hours.. I know it's slow,but fantastic experence)

    Happy training

  • FreetronkFreetronk Posts: 2
    Thanks for replies.

    I nearly drowned myself last night trying new swim techniques.

    Need to find a local Tri club and get hands on help.

    Anyone know a club in/around Norwich that would be OK for a novice?

    As to my knee problem, i've had a recent arthroscopy and repair of meniscal tear (plus removal of some cartilage).

    I have just started at a gym to try and build my leg muscles to help support the knee.

    Did a while on a treadmill, soooo much softer than the road and it felt OK.

    Do knee braces work?


  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Nothings Impossibe.He who dares,wins
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