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Which bike is the best for a beginner?

I'm in doubt wich one of these three bikes would be the best for me to start trainning could you help me!!!



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    ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    [&:]you tend to get what you pay for. Why not get a used one from someone looking to trade up?
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    In January when i was looking for my first bike, I had narrower it down to a Barracuda Azzurri a Giant OCR 4 (which was a wee bit more expensive) and was recomended to go for the Giant. I have no regrets. I would recomened that you pay a little more for a decent bike, not only will it last longer, but if the worst happens and you quite cycling, tri's etc then you would probably be able to sell it on to another beginner, also if you really enjoy cycling and tri's then you will be happy you spent the little bit extra!

    Try www.triuk.co.uk They sell package deals which are good value if you are a beginner.

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