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I want to buy a bike this weekend to start trainning next week I'm short of money so I got to three options of cheap bikes as I want a brand new one!!! They are a Raleigh Airlite, a Mercurio 14 speeds or a Barracuda Azzurri but I have no idea wich one would be the best so if anyone out there could help would be great!!! I'm really keen in starting trainning as soon as possible!!!



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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    this is what you need


    250-300 pounds.Ideal for you really
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    WellaWella Posts: 188

    I bought one of these last year as after my first training session on a mountain bike I decided I needed a new one.

    Its a great bike and as TTX states, for £300 its ideal. Its not the lightest bike but the quality is there, the styling is good and I've had no problems with it in the year that i've owned it.

    Admittedly I've upgraded to a Tri-bike for this year but most of my training will be done on the Dawes.

    Good bike, go for it.

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