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So How Much Do You Spend?!

My wife jokes that when I took up triathlon, I seemed to have discovered the one sport more expensive than my other favourite - skiing.

It's not so much entering the races, as all those little trips to the bike shop, boxes arriving from wiggle, yet another trisuit from Sigma, some different swim paddles from swimshop, that wetsuit which mysteriously arrived from triuk, oh, and that new bike last summer . . .

The question is, am I just a gadget & gizmos junkie, or does everyone end up with all this stuff . . . and what do you spend - hopefully it's more than me, so I can tell Wife that really, I'm not that expensive! [;)]

Here's my list for last year:

Bike - £650

Bike clothes, shoes, etc - £300

Converting my bike from drop- to a TT-setup - £150

Tyres - £50

Wetsuit - £200

Goggles (3 pairs) - £45

Swim training aids - £35

Trisuits - £75

Running Shoes - £120

Nutrition (mostly zymm & nuun) - £50

New rear wheel for my training bike - £100

Cyclecomputer - £35

Kitting out my bikes with toolkits - £50

. . . and probably a whole lot more. I think I may have just worked out why I never have any money!


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    A King's ransom on bikes alone - I spend thousands every year on cycling kit , never mind training camp, shoes etc what else would I buy ? Tell your wife that you're only dabbling
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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    goes for me aswell,all my gear bikes and stuff must be getting near 6 grand
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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    Don't feel so bad now, probably knocking on the door of 2.5K in the last 12 months or so...

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    i sold my car so i spend whatever i want on my bike[;)]

    Last year £1250 best bike, £200 training frame, £350 new training frame, £500 equipment.

    My cycle buddy last year £4500 best bike + £500 for spare wheelset, £1200 tarting up winter bike (nuts i know), £1000 equipment.

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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    New bib tights - £35

    Pack of inner tubes - £7.50

    Schwalbe Stelvio tyres - £15

    Race Entry fees - £300

    Enjoyment from doing triathlon, even on a budget - £Priceless

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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    My beautiful (also triathlete) other half says she going to leave me when I start buying normal street clothes...because then she'll KNOW I am having an affair.
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    I thought I was doing well at keeping the costs down, until wiggle made me a platinum customer. I don't even buy most of my stuff from wiggle!
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    For any other newbies out there. Don't get scared that you need to spend so much. I have just bought a package from Tri Uk, it's got everything you need.


    I was very impressed with the Tri-suit; as it is "quite snug" it acts like a minimiser bra and makes my man boobs look like pecs ( tho' Mrs T was, to say the least, underwhelmed).

    As I already had a helmet and goggles they were more than happy to let me swop them for a set of aero bars. The whole lot was delivered the following day!!
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    That's SUCH good value, isn't it! I wonder how they do it . . .
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    en51nmen51nm Posts: 41
    I've also got a similar starter kit, although went for the slightly more expensive option. The extra 200 quid gets you the Quantum 2 wetsuite, Tiagra mechs as opposed to the Sora for your SCR (SCR 2 instead of 3). IMO well worth it.


    If your starting from scratch (as I was) then I don't think there is a better deal around when buying entry level gear. I was advised I'd have to spend over 1.5K at first!

    I went on to get a load of bike accessories, already had running shoes since I'm a converted runner! In total this year has ammounted to about 850 of your best GBPs... there are definately worse things I could spend my student loan on!

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    Well I spent 3 grand on laser eye surgery so i wouldn't have to bother with contact lenses during the swim leg - beat that!!
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