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Aqua Sphere Googles

Atten all TK MAXX Horsham selling Aqua Sphere Googles Seal XP for £7.99



Mark G


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    razgrazg Posts: 5
    yea i rung up to check and asked why they wer so cheap and tehy said there just clearing thier lines and that it wont go on for long! once there gone there gone.

    so get them whilst you can. i got 2 pairs. :D
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    lol. do you think it's so cheap? I dont agreen with you. trademen earns much money from the process in buying and selling.

    anyhow, if you need more cheap ones, find me. wholesale for swimming goggles.

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    handyrobhandyrob Posts: 31
    What goggles do you sell? and what are they made from? Im chuffed with my Aquasphere kit, can you compare to them??
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