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So you train for your first Half and then get ill. I was looking at Cowman or New Forest as a replacement - both look like they are quite hilly - can anyone let me know if they're very different in profile to Weymouth? Thanks



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    IronravIronrav Posts: 4
    Well... I do know the Cowman course quite well. It's not very hilly. However there is one short/sharp climb that you'll need to grovel up on each of the three laps on an otherwise fast course. [:D]
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    RobRob Posts: 209
    Paul, I did Weymouth last weekend. I haven't done the New Forest but know the area & I would say the NF cycle is flatter than Weymouth. For starters you haven't got anything approaching as bad as the first hill out of Weymouth. It's undulating at worst. The NF run is partly off road I think, & I would guess at it being harder than Weymouth judging by what people were saying about it last year. I can vouch for the organisation on the RaceNewForest events, I've done several & Richard & Jo always put on a good race. I'll be marshalling as well so another good reason to do it!
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    DarylDaryl Posts: 10
    I did the New Forest last year. A great race over a good course. Not too hilly, but then I train on the Mendips! There are a few short stiff pulls up on the run course, particularly the first climb up a sandy slope sticks in the mind. I would recommend the race to anyone.
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    mark26mark26 Posts: 10
    Did the New Forest last year excellent race.[:D]

    The bike has a few hills but none as bad as the hill out of Weymouth, majority of the bike is flat with the odd bit open to the wind.

    As for the run the first hill is unpleasant but soon flattens out until a few more hills appear.

    I would recommend this race for the views alone.

    Last year there was a lot of punctures !! [:@]
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    nickjaywnickjayw Posts: 33
    I did the Cow Man last year and overall its a flat course with the previously described sharp hill towards the end of the lap on the cycle course. It isn't too long, so a bit of effort and you get to turn the corner and cruise along the main road (overall) gently decending.

    The run course is flat too with a gentle climb once out of the park and up to an offroad track in the fields. I had to walk as I failed to execute a sensible pacing strategy for the run, but I'm going back this year to try to beat my time.

    Earlier this year I did the Heart-Break half marathon, which is the run course for the New Forest Half and it took me 1h44, then 8 weeks later, I ran the Bath Half Marathon in 1h31, so I would definitely call it a challenging course. Really pretty, but there are several sharp hills that are very hard work - and that was without the swim and cycle first.

    This year I'm doing the Monaco 70.3, which is going to be a big challenge, but I would definitely consider the New Forest Half as the organisation was fantastic.
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