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tri-suit vs top'n'shorts

NickNick Posts: 66
guess the heading says it all really. All in one or top and shorts, been browsing the net and there is certaint no shortage of either. Coming at this from a novice perspective but with asperations to do more(the spirit is willing the flesh just needs to catch up a bit[:D])


  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    doing my first tri in a couple of weeks, I've gone for an all in one... feel a right idiot wearing it, but once I'm in the race with everyone else I'm sure people will have more to do than look at how bad I look in a tri suit!!

  • I'm not sure what would look worse. An all in one, making me look like a real "wannabe" or my fat gut spilling out between top and bottom of a two piece!
  • NickNick Posts: 66
    was going to go for the all in one. i presume you can swim in them and then just dry off throughout the course of the day. incicedently the prospect of wearing one fills me with almost as much apprehension as the tri itself.
  • NickNick Posts: 66
    all in one would clinche everything in i would guess.
  • Trust me, no material in the world is that strong!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Don't worry about the one-piece suits; in rowing we have been wearing them for years at all ages and levels and nobody bats an eyelid as A:It's part of the sport's culture, B: Everyone is so wrapped up (pardon the pun!!) in competing/ taking part that what you or anyone else is wearing doen't make any difference, and C: There is probably the respect your brothers (or fellow athletes) regardless of their ability and level as we all know the what it takes to actually make it to the line. So wear what you want nobody really cares except you! Personally I've opted for the shorts & top option in case nature calls!
  • There is a lot to be said for the "ease of pit-stop" consideration. That said I think that I will probably end up with the all in one, I put on the lyrca (cycle shorts) that I wore under rugby shorts and a running singlet and looked like Dhafid off Little Britain.

    I'm glad to hear that other competitors don't pay you too much attention because until I lose a bit more weight I'm going to look pretty daft in whatever I go for.
  • NickNick Posts: 66
    thanks for the reasurance treefrog. nerves and all that. just get on and do it i guess and as you say people will be concerned with their own race.
  • NickNick Posts: 66
    you and me both james. lycra is not a forgiving fabric but hey "nil desperandum!"
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