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Monaco Half Ironman

Anyone out there doing the Monaco race in September? Interested to hear from other competitors. Event should be amazing and the course challenging so really looking forward to it.


  • nickjaywnickjayw Posts: 33
    Yep. I've signed up for it. The bike course looks like it could be a little tough and after watching the GP on the TV, the run course won't be quite as flat as I originally thought. The climb up to the Casino is steeper that it looks from an F1 car!

    Good luck with you preparations.

  • smudgersmudger Posts: 48

    sounds great what`s the cost

  • Well I have to say it was the most amazing experience. Even Chris McCormick said the bike was the hardest in the world so that says something! Unfortunately the bike proved a little too challenging and the run was more painful than I'd wished for which proved for a slow race time. Will definitely recommend it and would like to do it again next year
  • think it was about 300 euros - worth every penny though - you get loads of freebies and there are parties before and after with all the food and drink you can have
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152

    A guy I know did this a few years back and he said the bike was very hard indeed!

    Hes a sub 1.30 runner but clocked 2 hrs due to the bike destroying the legs!

    Congrats on doing the event.
  • I agree. I thought that the course was very challenging, but as I managed to get around the course on the Saturday in a car, there weren't any big surprises. I actually managed to beat my Half Ironman half Marathon record by 42 seconds!

    I actually really enjoyed the cycle route as paced my efforts up to and down from Peille, then worked harder for the other two climbs. The penultimate lap is always the hardest, but I had such an excellent feeling starting the final lap. Thanking all the helpers and almost managing to get up to a reasonable run - though the final hill is a big slog.

    What a great event. Superb organisation to get nearly 700 athletes prepared for the race.
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