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best shorts for duathlon

Hi, i have just started training for duathlon...and what should i wear?!? I dont think running in cycle sorts would be that confortable, and i would look pretty dumb with a massive bulge coming from my rear when doing 'bricks'....would running lycra shorts be the best bet? And also, are there special shoes that double as cycling and running shoes, or do i need to change these during 'transition'? At the moment iam just using an indoor trainer until i can afford a proper bike, and just jumping off, changing clothing because i am drenched in sweat, and outside i go for a run..but it would be good to have some proper gear that wicks sweat away so im not soaking with sweat after the ride and dong need to change clothing...

Any help would be much appreciated....



  • I would suggest tri shorts as they are a half way some cycle padding but not as much as cycle shorts, my friend does duathlon and he just has toe clips on his pedals and does it all in his runners, his theory is that running is his strongest so the time the would make up with clip pedals he would lose changing his shoes in transition.

    Hope this helps

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    You dont say if you're going to enter triathlon. If you are, then just buy a trisuit. Ive just done a 20mile run and 30cycle in mine. Very comfy, not too much padding, dry quickly, pockets on rear and they look ok. It would save you buying two lots of clothing. Many people use them for duathlon.

    As for the shoes, as Ruth says, just put cages on, but that all depends on what distances and wether every second counts for you.

    Might be an idea to start like that and up grade to cycling shoes and cleats later.
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