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Shin splits

I am training for the outlaw and have recently got shin splints anyone got any suggestions on how to aid recover and avoid this coming back ?


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144

    Shin splints, I hate them.
    There is only one real way to stop them, Its stretching properly before and after running.
    No easy fix I am afraid1

    Once they have gone you will find the stretching is really helpful anyway1
  • Mine lasted for AGES...good luck & i hope yours dont!
  • Yeah don't give up trying to sort them. I struggled for a year with these but eventually they CAN be beaten!

    As has been said, stretching out before and after runs is the best thing, and definitely going to somewhere like Sweatshop and getting them to analyse your gait and recommending trainers or inserts.

    My shin splints were caused by tight calf muscles pulling everything else in the lower leg tight, and due to my overpronation my shins were a weak area that ultimately suffered pain 1st.

    My physio said to get a rolling pin and do the following to stretch out the calf muscles which would ultimately help relieve my shin pains:


    I do this a few times a week, and ALWAYS stretch out my calfs before and after running (including before the run section of brick training) It will take up a minute or two but its better than not running at all

    Good luck with sorting them!
  • Thanks guys for all you help see you on the start line
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