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Music to exercise by

I like to listen to music when I'm in the gym and I'm sure I saw a reference a few months back in a running magazine to a Web site that had free downloads of copyright-free music at different speeds. Can anyone point me at the site?



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    Don't know the site you are referring to, but the Ramones Collection on a double CD has over 50 songs and cost me £12, which is a pretty fantastic value for money on a pence-per-song basis. And, I just can't help but keep going flat out for the entire 2 hours that I'm listening to it all.
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    Ha ha nice one rpopper65. Is that the live album? I have it somewhere on vinyl from my mis spent youth. Must dig it out and give it a blast.
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    It's "Hey! Ho! Let's Go: The Anthology". I'm not sure, but I think it has every single Ramones song ever put on an album, with a few live versions thrown in (and the surprisingly hard-to-find "I Wanna Be Sedated", which is one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time).
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    You're thinking of podrunner, but I find them a bit poor, even though they do keep a steady tempo.

    Theres quite a few other dj mixes downloadable as free podcasts on iTunes, such as Trance Tuesday - some are good, some not so! Trial and error should find you something good to train to.

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    it's www.djsteveboy.com/podrunner.html

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    jenzwhizjenzwhiz Posts: 1
    yeah, well there plenty of free podcasts or

    whatever on the internet that are

    supposedly "designed" for workouts, but

    remember -- you get what you pay for -- the

    creators of these podcasts have to rely on

    "free" music...... they can't license real

    hits, they could never afford to .... if

    you look carefully at the playlists, you'll

    realize they are all either outdated techno

    from back in the 90's, or they are really

    "underground" (i.e. terribly, terribly

    boring) tracks, with just a beat going

    forever until u want to kill yourself --


    If you want something that's really going

    to get you motivated and keep you

    motivated... I recommend the "Euro Club

    Hits" series -- it's on iTunes -- you can

    just search for it, or try this link:


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    If you like the Ramones Anthology, then you really should give the SLF (stiff little fingers) Anthology a go, its great and brings the memories flooding back!!! I actually went seeing them live late last year and they were brilliant.... on a more modern note give "Reverend and the Makers" a go, fantastic beat and great lyrics!!! If anyone wants to give em a try, PM me and I'm sure we'll sort something out!!!
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    This is quite an interesting sojourn from "what is your maximal HR if your BMI is up 2% and I've ran 350 miles..." - (which we all take part in). Ihave a wide taste and have put a heap onto my ipod and the only time I get to listen to it is on Turbo Wednesday when for 60 km I can get to hear anything from Motorhead to the Band of the Royal Marines. Its' quite nostalgic as I loaded all my old CDs from years ago and its like listening to an oldie show.... it keeps the thing interesting and stops the pain from taking centre stage
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    What's wrong with The Prodigy? Surely the most overused workout album of alltime. I tend to reserve it for days where the mojo disappears. Freestylers is also a go to.

    Like the idea of some punk, I've not experimented with that yet.

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    dougaldougal Posts: 3
    The ramones and the prodigy! Excellent. How about The manic Street Preachers, forever delayed, compilation with a remix album also. The track faster, does what it says on the tin.
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    my personal favourite is electro - like daft punk, justice, something with a high bpm of around 180, to match my stride!

    sometimes the rock/metal will come out if I'm feeling angry, or lifting weights. can't beat a bit of Led
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