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Bike work stands

Any recommendations? It has to cope with several different frames including different size top tubes and a Cervelo aero frame.



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    I bought an Elite Spin doctor on wiggle a couple of weeks ago and can confirm that it looks nice in my garage - especially with my cervelo attached. However as it is really cold - can't be bothered to spend any time out there "tinkering". The height and length is adjustable so should fit all bikes (apparently).

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    Had a Park PCS10 (bought for about £100 on eBay) for about a year. Can't confirm whether it takes aero frames, as I've only had my Cannondale road bike on there. But the clamp looks pretty flexible and offers a wide range of adjustment, so it probably will.

    Most of all, it's sturdy and very well made, as you expect from Park.
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    Thanks - off to take a look at those.
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