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My First Triathlon

Well yesterday was my first Triathlon, and I enjoyed it, mostly!!!!

i was in the 12.40pm tower bridge route...

All was going to plan, my wife was giving me my split times!!, 34 min swim

1 hr 15ish on the bike, a bit faster than training......but then.....the run!!!! how I paid

I didnt stop....but it was sooooooo hot, and in the rush, I forgot ttake something to eat in T2....

After the first lap I was running on empty...luckily wine gums from my wife came to my rescue........

but I was running so slow....the heat took its toll, all my training was in the british summer. e.g. in cloud, wind and rain...I hadnt done any training in 30 degree heat!!!

That hill into the Excel centre wasnt too nice either!!!!

I finished at 15.28, which was approx 2hr 48, which I was really pleased with....the first goal, was to finish...second goal was to get under 3 hours

does anyone know where the official results are, with the split times????


  • n1ck bn1ck b Posts: 27
    Peejay well done on finishing in the heat!

    try this web address

  • Tim CTim C Posts: 4
    It was my first Olympic as well, and that run was misery. I was aiming for 2.45, got off the bike at 1.35 and thought I was going to get in under 2.30. Sadly, I had forgotten how to run by then, so limped in at 2.31.23. I would have been amazed had anyone said I could manage that time, so should be delighted, but still the memory of being passed on a perfectly flat run by a fancy dress penguin whilst I walked (when out of view of my wife) is not a happy one.

    The results are a bit intermittent, you just need to keep trying the webpage.

    BTW, I saw a bike hit a pedestrian in my wave (the final one on Sunday). There were two marshalls at the crossing point, but a guy stepped out into the course looking left and despites shouts from the oncoming cyclists froze and was hit (I actually had passed by about 2 metres, so heard rather than saw the very impact). The ambulance was there on the next loop. Does anyone know how badly he was hurt? It sounded terrible, at that point everyone was doing over 20mph.

  • PC67PC67 Posts: 101
    Fair pay guys, they're superb times. I wasn't competing and have to say I'm glad I didn't have to conquer that heat.

  • RobertoRoberto Posts: 2
    I also was doin my first olympic tri at london.The tower bridge route last wave of the day and a fantastic experience. I was delighted with my time of 2hrs 28 mins and 17 secs. I was suprised at how rough the swim got with people swimming over each other at times but once out on the bike i relaxed more and then tried to keep my legs going on the run. I think ive got the bug now though. Well done to all the finished.
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