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Disc wheels-please explain??

hi all!

im new to cycling/triathlon, was just wondering if you could explain a few things to me?

1. why are disc wheels more aerodynamic than spokes?

2. if there is a cross wind, wont the disc block the wind, thus making steering harder?

3. if disc wheels are so great, why do they only use 1 in time trials? why not put a disc on front and back?

i appologise if these questions seem trivial/rather stupid, but i am genuinley interested!

thanks in advance!



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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    Heres your answers.

    disc wheels are more aero becouse they cut the wind.when the wheel travels through air, slides off it like water going down a peice of glass.conventional spokes dont do this.the air enters the wheel and the spokes act like a fan,circulating the air before it comes out the other end witch creates drag.

    the answer to your second question is if there is a side wind it can effect the control of the becouse the back end will try to go to one side but people who have disc wheels tend not to go out in strong winds or places where sidewind is likely like over high bridges for example or due to wind direction.

    the question to your third question is its generaly not needed on the front and if it is windy,becouse the steering very responsive and light it would make the bike harder to steer witch is why they would use something very aero like the xentis mk1 wheels witch are still extreemly aero and you still have very good ability to steer.[8|]
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