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How important is power training?


I was just wondering how much strength/power training people incorporate into their weekly training schedule? How important is it? How, and what do you do?



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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Hi Rick,

    I am a big believer in strength training, but what I do depends on the time of the year. Ideally I would like to get 2-3 strength sessions in a week, however I never have the time to achieve 3 and sometimes 2 is a struggle as I wouldn't want to miss out on too much CV training.

    My race season is over now so within the next few weeks i will start working on non too specific training to improve overall strength and will start with low weight-high reps to ease me back into it. I find doing heavier weights takes it out me quite alot and effects my running and biking, so I will do this when my CV training intensities are low. However in the long run I feel much better for having done some heavier stuff and it's well accepted that improvements in strength lead to increased efficiency in running and cycling. During the race season I do alot less weight training, but will make my training more specific in the build up.

    As for power training, I assume you mean explosive power training. This can benefit you if you want to attack small hills without changing gears of if you want to initiate or chase down a break away, however this is only appropriate in drafting races. You need to be well prepared to carry out this kind of training to avoid injury. I've never been able to work it into my programme but used it with a friend as part of a university project and he really enjoyed it.

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    it really depend on what ur race is. if its a hilly course then yes. but if not. then work on ur cadience a bit more [/align]
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