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Blenheim Spectator tickets


I am taking part in Blenheim this year and just got an email about spectators having to pay entry due to it being a World Heritage Site.

This is fine and I'm sure no one will mind, but I'm wondering if that includes people in the same car as me?

Can any previous participants shed some light on the matter.

Thanks in advance


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    Hi Grant

    I did it in 2006 and pre-paid about £5 for a spectator ticket for my wife (who was in the car with me). As it happened, the ticket never arrived and I was worried that they would make us pay for a full price ticket for her - however, there was a massive queue on the approach roads to get into the grounds (allow at least 20-30 mins) and they were totally uninterested in checking any tickets. As long as the car had a bike in/on it, they just waved us through as quickly as they could. Might still be worth getting the ticket though, as I can't guarantee that they'll be as lax this year.....


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    p.s. re-Staplehursttrilover's suggestion - the ticket barriers are at the entrance to the grounds rather than at the Palace itself. As the triathlon takes place entirely within the grounds it is not possible to watch without passing the ticket point (though see previous post about the lack of interest in checking tickets...)
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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Thanks Tiring Tri ing,

    To be honest I was ignoring STAPLEHURSTTRILOVER suggestion, he has very obviously no knowledge of the event and I wondered why he bothered to waste his and my time. Nevermind it takes all sorts!

    Will buy ticket just to be one safe side, as you said it's only £5.
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