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Do I need race day insurance?


Could someone please explain what race day insurance is in terms of what it covers and do you think it's necessary for someone like myself who is entered into 6-7 events this year, the biggest being a Olympic distance.

I have extra bike insurance, thus if it's stolen whilst not being at a event but away the home I am covered, so I suppose the insurance would cover this? I am also a member of a tri club, but I don't know if I get any insurance cover with my membership.

Also if you could suggest good companies that will be very helpful.



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    HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    No organiser will allow you to start without it so don't worry. Either pay as part of your entry or on the day. From what I remember it covers third party liability on both your & the organisers behalf. Your own cover wouldn't be recognised.

    Email British triathlon if you want full details but don't expect it to cover bike theft, loss of earnings if injured or things like that. If you're doing 6 or 7 events it may be worth getting BTA membership which would include the insurance as race day licences would total almost as much. Again Brtitish Triathlon can advise.

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