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BRAT Birmingham triathlon

this has been posted on the news section of the main site. I've decided to enter the sprint race on 29th May as can't do the olympic distance in Sept due to my honeymoon. But the best part is, the swim at the west midlands water ski centre is only a mile or so north of where my fiance lives (and where I will be living when we marry) in Kingsbury! I will technically be a home athelete and could walk to it with my bike.

it will be great racing round where I train too.... although I hope they close the water park to public at Kingsbury as it will be pretty dangeours if they don't. I assume so as its a 7am start.

should be a very fast course as well as its not very hilly round there. If the bike takes you through bodymoor heath (where aston villa train) it will be very flat and great for TTs
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