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More speed!


I've posted plenty of replies about bikey stuff but wanted to hear from anyone on swimming. I've got myself a fairly competent front crawl, but over this winter I want to work on speed, as at the moment I'm not particularly quick.

I'm going to get some swim analysis from Swim 4Tri, but does anyone have any advice from they were in a similar situation? I'm prepared for many patient hours in the pool, and I know it won't come quickly, but any info will be gratefully received.


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    rather than have a one off swim analysis you'd be better of having a course of lessons or training with a club. It's ok having an analysis but you'd be better of in a situation where you can get constant feed back about your technique.
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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    hey tony

    I recently had a bit of success with speed, as with all my swiming breakthoughs I find its just another way of looking at what your doing and getting a better understanding of how your pulling yourself through the water, or pushing, or trying to 'climb out' the water, or the 'merman' .... I currently thinking of my self as pulling myself through the water.

    Anyways my advice is go on U-tube and do a search on swim training and there is one vid that is literally just a video of some olympic athlete swiming up and down lengths for 5 mins... sounds dull but what you get it to really understand what he is doing with his arms, when he applying the pressure, and seeing how smooth he slips through the water..... you only ever get brief glimpses of this when you watch swimming on TV! -as the guy on the vid advises - watch the vid, then go swimming.. its really cool.

    Barny (the dolphin) rubble
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    Cheers Surfdragon and Barney

    I am intending to join a triathlon club to get the regular feedback but I'm interested in seeing myself in the water - I'm the sort of person who looks in shop windows while on my bike to look at my position. It's a bit vain I guessbut I think that you really can see when someone is comfortable doing whatever they're doing, whether it 's on land or in the water.....

    Thanks for the replies, now off to look at U-tube
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