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tri bikes/ road bikes

Sorry if this has been covered 1000 times before, but watching the london tri on tv last w/e i noticed none of the leading men's group were using straight up time trial bikes, as in what pro cyclists use in the Tour with low slung handlebars and aero forks ect. I expcted to see them all on Quintana roos or full-disc Cervellos. In fact they appeared to be using just straight road bikes with clip on tri bars.

My questions for anyone who can help are:

Is this a development since the abolition of drafting?

Do most triathletes just ride road bikes with very upright seat angles, and just clip on tri bars?

Do any triathletes still use full-on time trial bikes?

And most importantly, are the pro tri rules about bikes the same for amateurs?!

Any pointers most appreciated!


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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    I am a Time-Trialist not a triathlete mainly cus i cant swim but i am also a cycle engineer and the answer is mainly triathletes will use a norm road bike with clip on aeros.experiance triathletes will use proper time trial bikes for there aerodynamic quilitys.
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    zoezoe Posts: 28
    You can't use a time-trial bike in drafting races.

    I think the basic rule is that your tri-bars can't be any further forward than your brake levers. Most elites use small draft legal tri bars, but a lot do not use any. The bikes are usually standard road bikes, but the set-up will be quite agressive.

    Most top end age-groupers will use time-trial bikes, and quite a few use disk wheels- as the races are non-drafting and therefore you can use them legally.

    Hope this is some help.....
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    rob4rob4 Posts: 13

    Do amateur races still allow drafting nowadays?
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    rob4rob4 Posts: 13
    Sorry I just reread your message! http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m12.gif
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    All of this makes me feel better about my £300 road-bike with £40 clip-ons! After all, if a road bike with clip-ons is good enough for Tim Don et al...
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    rob4rob4 Posts: 13
    exactly! I can now stop slobbering over £3000 tt bike porn.
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