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Wetsuits and Saltwater

Hey guys, possibly a daft question. Will my wetsuit fall to bits if i use it in salt water?

only water large enough i can practice in is a salt water loch.


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    Sorryto be rude, but this does seem like an odd question! What do you think most people wear for open water sea swims? I have never heard of their wetsuits falling apart so I'm sure it will be okay.
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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    It'll be fine, but make sure you wash it off well with fresh water after.
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    Not a daft question at all actually - I have been sea swimming for over 50 years, competed in over 150 Triathlons and was one of the original long board surfers here in Wales - Neoprene degrades after constant use in sea water (and sunlight)- in order to preserve the material (inner liner also) always rinse out with fresh water after use - this will keep your suit supple and last that much longer... and the seams!! LOL

    Don't forget - my sea swim/open water training sessions start June 2008 her on the Gower coast - keep an eye on the swim sessions post for details

    Keep training - safely!
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    cheers guys :D

    now i just have to worry about the congar eels and sharks.
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