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Has anybody out there got any info regarding Ribble cycles.I've just been on their website and it looks fantastic.The quality and pprice seem excellent also,but i don't know of anyone using a tt bike bike from ribble and i've never actually seen any when i've done tri's.
So if anyone knows of anyone or has heard anything,good or bad,please let me know.
Cheers............. Pip


  • I bought a ribble Winter Audax bike from them couple of years ago. Bike's ok for the money, customer service was non existant. 2 weeks delivery turned into 2 months. I would call they'd apologise, say they'd call me back, they didn't , i would call again a week later and this continued till it turned up.

    When it arrived, it had different parts to those i chosen on the bike builder. They neglected to tell me they'd done this. They used like for like components but it would have been good if they'd told me they we're going to do this. Some components we're the right type but wrong colour but by the time it turned up i didn't care anymore.

    I've since bought other components from them which have been fine but i never buy anthing i need straight away and only use them as prices are good.

    Bike is good for the what i paid although the paint quality is poor and chips easily. They treated me like just anothe punter once i'd paid up front and for that reason it's unlikely i'd ever buy another bike from them.

    If you do go ahead with an order from them I'd make sure you know exactly what you need in terms of sizing etc as when i asked for advice on this over the phone it was as if i'd asked to sleep with one of his relatives and not just some friendly customber service to confirm what i'd ordered was going to be right for me. I'd had a bike fitting for my other road bike and i sent them the spec (as the frame was a sloping top tube I wanted to double check i'd orderd the right size frame) but they didn't seem to give a toss.
  • Id look elsewhere

    Where do you live?
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Weren't Ribble pulled up for their advertising?

    they used to advertise a Full Ribble TT with Dura and Zipp wheels and say it was something like £1500.... they're advertisements were very misleading.

    There used to be a thread about on them on this forum, I'm sure someone had a terrible time with them. However I think that if you go to the shop its a different story... might be wrong.

    As Ben says, go elsewhere. Better bikes for the same money
  • pippip Posts: 170
    Thanks for that peeps.I live in stocport so i'm not a million miles away from Royles or Evans at the traffoerd centre so methinks i'll have a shufty at either or both of those.I just fancied a ribble because it was a tad different fron the usual stuff abd really good value.I built a carbon tt bike with mavic cosmic carbons and shimano ultegra group set for just over 2 grand.The old saying goes if its too good to be true it usually is.
    Thanks again......................Pip
  • Ordered a Nero RC between Christmas and New Year to beat Vat increase. Bike delivered six weeks later, exactly as promised and to the precise specification less the tyres. Different brand but similar quality. They responded to the three emails I sent within half a day. No grumbles and would use them again.

    Oh! And I like the bike!

    No I don't work for them!!
  • Go into Royals

    Ask for Nick Thomas - he will sort you out. Very accomplished IM too so he knows what he's on about.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Well I was coming home today and spotted a guy on one (Winter Audax I think), was going to ask him how he liked it and about service and stuff, cos it looked kinda new. But then he pulled over looking unhappy and started wheeling it into Evans. Not a good sign when you have to take your bike to Evans to get sorted!
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