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Anti-spam security??? Maybe this helps??

bennybenny Posts: 1,314
Hey admin and everybody,

I don't know a lot about this stuff, but i got this idea from a Belgian site called www.3athlon.be .

They include a simple question in the register form like: how much is 2+3?

Everybody knows this(I hope[8|]), but it seems some spambots don't?

Dont hate me if it doesnt work[:D]


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    thats a good idea benny
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    Or try CAPTCHA software , I just implimented it on my wifes e-commerce site . www.kiddykool.com. When you sign up you have to confirm the letters that you see next to an input box , This stops webbots as well.

    "A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. For example, humans can read distorted text , but current computer programs can't:"


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    MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    That is only going to work if you have a captcha every time you want to start a post. Otherwise some manually creates an account, completing the captcha, then points the spambot to the account. If it really becomes a problem then maybe that will be required for every new thread.
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    hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Or... Im sure could get the office junior to check the site every morning and clear all the spam, which would take all of five mins. He or she could also report back to the editor as to whats hot and whats not on here, due to the fact they never seem to check moan...moan[;)].

    Btw Is it just me or has anyone else not received this months 220mag?
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hey hound ,

    dont worry, since i live in Belgium, I ussuallygetmy copy 2 weeks afterthe release date. I got last months issue 2 days before Kona, just in time to read countdown to Kona. Otherwise I'd have to read countup to Kona.[8D]

    Of course it hurts to wait for the new 220, thats because its so great[:D].

    About the spam; there's another one on here since yesterday, they just don't stop. Does anyone ever buy from these #*é;!ù#???
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