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At last: Injury free

bennybenny Posts: 1,314
Hereby I declare myself injury free. After a period of 7 months of a nagging knee-tendonitis , I ran 10k today pain-free. If I dont feel anything tomorrow and the day after,then its officially gone.

Thumbs up.

Wanted to show others with injuries there is light at the end of the.....


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    KiwiPaulKiwiPaul Posts: 46
    Hey Benny, what was the deal with the symptoms of your knee tendonitis ?? I reckon I may have similar (well at least hopefully nothing worse) and am seeing the doc tomorrow. I have recently started getting pain behind the knee with the tendon being tender after extending my bike milage. What was your recovery process - complete stop to training or reduced distance/effort etc ??

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    mike_trimike_tri Posts: 60
    good for you, i was injury free for one day last week, recovered from an ankle sprain, only to go out running and injure my knee[:@][:@], doesn't sound like what you two had, mines on the side. Any way get well soon kiwipaul and anyone else[:)]
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    hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Come on Benny, spill the beans. Little more info on injury and cure[:D]
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hey guys,

    long day work, so ...

    Pain was inside lower part of knee. First only hurted during first 3-4 miles of run. when it warmed up, pain was gone. So trained on for a while like this (+races). After a while, the pain didn't dissapear while running and still was there for two days afterwards each time. Went to doctor: had an echo: tendon in bad knee was 7mm in opposite to 5 in good knee.

    Therapy: no running for 10 physio sessions(3 1/2 weeks). Swimming and biking allowed if pain-free.

    Lots of ice and deep friction.

    Afterwards; slowly building distance and exercises(stabilistion exercises= good English??).

    3months and a half later I did my first 10k run pain free.

    Hope this helps or motivates you.
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